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Reviews for "Space-ninja"

6 out of 10

-usuaul gameplay style
-no story at all
-you cant use ninja powers

+nice fixel work
+it may be a simple gameplay type but it will keep you occupied
+awesome music

I did enjoy it.

The game is fun and is a lot like Star Guard. It's just, you do the same things over and over. Get that gold, jump over here, shoot this guy, etc. It just gets really repetitive.

yeah this pretty much is star guard

But not as good, man.

That doesn't mean it's bad, though.

The big problem though is with the controls. How can the controls be so irritating when they're so simple?

Mainly, because you kinda went against the grain of all PC platform-shooters (like star guard) and you switched the jump and shoot buttons. When I want to jump I keep on shooting, and when I want to shoot I jump. I wouldn't complain about controls if not for the fact that nearly EVERY platformer on a computer has the opposite controls you have, which makes things a whole lot harder to just jump in and play. I will say I liked the wall-jumping though. Not too many 8-or-less-bit games have wall jumping, especially for flash.

As well the level design is a little TOO simplistic- there are good bits here and there, but aside from control issues, the game doesn't pose that much of a threat to my character's well-being. Keep at it, though, and play lots of games to find what works and what doesn't.

not actual rating

i gave it an 8 becaus ei dont want to ruin its score but i cant even start the game the arrow or whatever is just stuck in the corner and i can select new game or anything


It's a rip-off of star guard. It's not bad, i've just seen it before....many times