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Reviews for "Space-ninja"


its just an n game/shooter game wanna B

needs more work

There are some annoyance moments.. It is bit hard to jump down holes which are only a tile wide (I guess its one tile). The timing between enemies attacks you gotta wait out is rather tiresome, having to stop and wait for them to shoot every time just so you can drop down safely. Also walljump is a complete random joke.

Otherwise pretty OK game, simple and fun.


It's a good game, but i find it quite boring after some time. Maybe you should of added a little more to make it more interesting. It was also too easy so maybe that's why you loose interest. More challenging & to be less plain is what it needs.

not really my thing

its ok but at level 4 i lost interest... its just very plain i can feel some nastalgia out of it but it doesn't quite take me all the way there.

Copy of Star Guard

This game is nearly identical to another indie/freeware game "Star Guard" which pretty much does everything you were trying to do here, but better.

4/10 for the effort, I guess