Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

In the beggining I thought the game is sh*t, but eventually it has its charm. really simple, but makes sence. a map would be a good addition to this game, but anyway - not bad, but could be much better.

i beat the strawberry part.
i love this game for medals
nice wok

in menu Enter the Konami code, up up down down left right left right b a ;)

This is a fun robot buying game. The strawberry task could of been easier, but not impossible. The medals work. Keep up the good work.

lol i just got back on newgrounds been off awhile i just read my old comment that was deleted i didnt get why i ven said it but soon as i started up the game i remberd why it was stupid tho i just couldnt finsh the game cuz the last guy wouldnt let me talk to him or somthin its been like what 1 or 2 years since i played this but eh it was an ok game thumbs up :3