Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

it was okay

i dont think the medals work but great effort I liked the story

got all medals!

secret 100 pts code is "GaIttsasap"
w/o quots and with a capital 'G"


Gameplay was entirely too glitchy. Graphics looked as if you threw it together in a matter of a couple minutes. Notably the terrain and characters. I had hoped the storyline would end up making up for such horrid graphics, but that didn't even sway me. The entire story was centered around getting money from random people, though, understandably, thats the point. I also understand this is a pixel game, but i have seen WAY better (refer to Level Up or Cannonbalt) in terms of game play and graphics. How this got the 3.20 it had when i wrote this, I'll never... oh wait. Isn't there people that go through the portal and just vote five on everything to get the experience? Yeaaaaaa. Well, anyways, I played it through and even after I had EXACTLY $25 and done all the "missions" the game glitched on me and didn't let me see the ending. Also, for some reason, even though I was logged in, the medals did not register. Next time, please do better. Thanks for the waste of half an hour of my time.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

hahaha hohoho hoooooo. Oh. SIMPLY HORRID CHARLES! SIMPLY HORRID!

This review makes me laugh. THANK YOU! :D:D:D


i went to the cave but no frizbee

Whats the seret medal and its a great game. .10/10

whats the other secret medal other that the "code" you have to put in, , , may i know please. . .