Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


But i could only get the cow tipping medal.
Damnit! lol


I created a clone. By walking to the far north right above the store, and moving the character left and right rapidly, I created another character who walked with me. Curiously, he responds to everything, including walls, and can speak to characters as the original could, but for some odd reason he couldn't pick up any strawberries.

Aside from that I found the game very enjoyable. The game was fairly easy, the visuals were clean and the controls were fluid. However, having to use the mouse and the arrow keys is a bit of a hassle, as using the left hand to control the arrow keys is awkward.

Everything is good but;

I like it all but I don't like the strawberry one. It's too short of time. I loved the rest of the game though; if only I could finish.

Quick, easy, and enjoyable game.

The game was simple and nothing was difficult. All the items were in predictable locations, nothing was placed in head scratcher locations. Somebody here said the strawberry mission is impossible, but I happened to do it on my first try without thinking about it.

Well, good job sir, I look forward to finding that secret code.

great game

it took me a bit to figure out how to get all the strawberries with in 12 seconds, but i figured it out, and i even paused for a few seconds, but im not going to spoil it for anyone, figure it out yourself, dont mean to be rude, but it really isnt that hard