Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

It has bugs

there is some glitches but it was a good game
8/10 and 4/5

A bit glitchy but good!

Whilst the game did have a few glitches, I did find myself enjoying the game. Just fix the glitches and it's pretty cool game.

Insult to injury

The game, I'm sorry, is buggy and just a random mix of bad things. The worst of these things though is right at the beginning, in the text you write "This months issue of Robot Magazine" yet the title of the magazine is actually "Robot Weekly". Not the best on NG.


Very buggy, like when you re-enter the cave after already having collected the frisbee, it will still be there, but you can't get it. Another thing that irritates me is the fact that the trees/bushes overlap my inventory, haha. :P Oh yes, entering buildings is also a little glitchy.
But even with so many glitches, I managed to enjoy the game and the music was just pure awesomeness, so I'm giving this 7/10 and 4/5.I hope you make a uptade patching all those nasty glitches! :)


how do i play it? all i do is walk around?