Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


the game is pretty good, its hard and i like it. it took me forever to find the kids frisbee and i think its impossible to do the strawberry part.

needs work.

I enjoyed the soundtrack quite a bit, however the gameplay was bland, buggy, and overall unappealing.

A Little More Polish

I thought the game was fairly decent.

I'll agree with the control scheme thing, though. It would've been better to talk to people with space, and only space. The mouse clicks felt unnecessary. Aside from that, the inventory bar/timer sometimes disappear behind the houses and trees, which only hurts the eyes after awhile. I liked the graphics though. First thing that came to mind was the SNES game EarthBound.

Like I said, with a bit more work, this could become really good :) Best of luck

Very, very glitchy

The controls were awful. Arrow keys, then space, then click "next" to talk to someone, all so frustrating. Everything from the strawberries, to the houses, even the inventory bar at the bottom. Mostly these are layering issues, but really, could have been more polished. It was impossible for me to pick up the Frisbee for some reason, and I missed out on one strawberry, thanks to the sprite's size and shape. How exactly did this win top prize in robot day? I'm not sure, but I have a feeling it has to do with Tom's unbearded face.

im terrible at this

i cant complete any task whatsoever