Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Bugs galore

Uhh...I can't beat the game? I have the money I jsut can't seem to do anything after that.
The game play is pretty boring I'm sorry.
The music is pretty bad ass though.
was going to give you a 5, but 6 just because I have a soft spot for robots.


It doesn't seem to work.. at all... Got the seeds tipped the cow got the strawberries etc etc but it said I failed or didn't give me credit each time.


Rofl you all fail i beat this game easy...good job on the game its simple and funny as hell how the fat kid walks.


not good

This is..

too borring!
You move to slow for the big map, there is not any exiting tasks thought, and the game dosn't have the smallest amount of charm...
IS it even possible to catch those strawberrys, cuz' i allways gets 19, and i can't se how to do it faster?! xD
The only thing i really like about this game is the Castlecrashers music, so a star for that, and then for the time you spent on making this game xD