Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

what the ****?

the "lonely no more" medal said I need 14.99$, in the intro it was saied I need 15$ and now it say I need 24,99$, only because i get 22$? please say that is a glitch. because if you programmed the medal so that you need more and more money, I and others cant finish your game. or is it a unbeateble demo? never mind, its ****!


fuck... EPIIIIIC ..::XD::..


Guys, get all 21 strawberries AND EXIT through the other way TO WIN.

oh, curse strawberry....

the quest of the strawberries do not understand ...
I had all 21 but I still fail writes ... so ...
task is to gather 21 strawberries for 12s and still runs out?
can be in the game somewhere to find a laxative? or at least prunes and milk?
at least it was faster ...

thats cheating

dude i got all the strawberries in 12 seconds and still i failed