Reviews for "FISHBANE"


It was quite a challenge to complete it for 100% and it was fun

Droqen responds:

oh dear
Not everyone, I suppose. Congratulations to you, DarkJaqb; so long as you are the most recent victor there will be exactly 123 people who have bested hell :3


No, no prize for you.

Hello, my name is DAVID

Really nice game. The scary places level was the most annoying level of all time. Absolutely no forgiveness. One pixel wrong, and DEAD. But it's beaten, SO THERE! I am never doing that level again.

But I did like this game. I think you should make it so the game saves checkpoints for later, and not just save at the beginning of the level. It's quite infuriating having to finish the longer levels completely in one sitting.

By the way, I got everything. Do I win a prize? 'Cause I really want a prize for all the time and effort I poured into this crazy game.

Droqen responds:

A level is more than the sum of its parts!
My congratulations go out to you, as well.

---> I can access Fishbane's save file from other flash files ;D so just you wait...

I only wish I could get past LV.2 frozen cliff

I suck at this game but I still love it to this day

Thanks anubite13

Man, I must thanks anubite13 for his question, and of course the autor for his answer. That makes possible to me! Right now I conquested the last medal, the last gold fish. And that was easy, compared with the Scary places! This game have great grafics, music, and a chalenge of high level. And now you can include me in the number of ones who conquest Scary Places. xD

Droqen responds:

Congratulations, Alanflamer3; you are one of few!

Out of the 121 who've ever completed Scary Places, I wonder how many actually got all the fish, too? :3

(You are truly among the Fishbane elite xD)