Reviews for "FISHBANE"


i like games that don't treat you like you're five. In other words, I like games that are hard from start to finish, and this game exceeded many of my expectations. 10/10 5/5

fuck these controls

it woudlv been better how bout space bar as harpoon this game makes me want to slap the creater in the face

I like the riding

I was kind of ticked off by this game at first, as I had little idea how to advance. I am so glad you have the power to go along and actually ride the harpoon as it swings around. That can get hard with timing, but not impossible of course. I think the strongest points of this were probably how good the graphics were, especially how the little goldfish just swam around when you caught them. Thank you for putting the instructions in the author's comments as you can only see them once in the game. There could have been a little more detail, though.


And fun! I finally got Scary Places and all the goldfish, but the medals haven't shown up. :(

Great game

But Scary Places is ungodly hard! A checkpoint system would be nice for levels like that. I've literally spent more that one or two hours just trying to get past one screen. As of writing this I'm STILL stuck in the level on yet ANOTHER screen I've been stuck on for hours. And that time is collective, not including breaks to calm my nerves. All in all, the game is splendid and much fun has been had.