Reviews for "FISHBANE"

Not ready yet...

Its stuck on "not ready yet." -__-

Alright, I gotta say it

I personally hate cheesy puns, but this needed to be said. This game PWNS!


i think i saw that somwhere else before >_>

Nice game, but extremely frustrating

It seems I'm one of few.. but I just can't jump on that harpoon O.o If I press the right and up keys and the x for the harpoon, the character doesn't respond..
There were a few other things that annoyed me the first time I played it (this is my second attempt xd), but I can't seem to remember what..

Nevertheless, the game is quite good, if not insanely frustrating..

(I have no knowledge of how to make games.. but I do know that you should at least be able to make 3 keys respond to the game at the same time..)

There was also the matter of walking through spikes and not dying and falling on spikes and dying, and the standing on the harpoon while it flies.. I didn't comprehended it at first, and found out only because I saw a walkthrough for the second level -_- Next time, make a short tutorial or something..

I give you a five =\

Droqen responds:

It depends on your keyboard. If you have problems with pressing a bunch of keys at the same time, don't blame the person who made the game :p

Try using C and V instead of Z and X, as those keys respond better on some keyboards when combined with each other and the arrow keys :)

Stuck on the last part of level 2...

Saw the walk-through and was like; .... WHAT!? ... THAT LITTLE B%#@!!! xD
I'll probably finish the rest of level 3 later. It's addictive to a point, but not to where you just keep on playing, which is good. The music fits, the harpoon works well and the puzzles are fun and difficult. But the last part of the Ice world felt a little much. I mean, it didn't at all occur to me that you could jump on the block from that height and get to the harpoon on the other side in time :C