Reviews for "FISHBANE"

I've never been one to collect every last item...

Nor beat the super-hard secret levels of a platformer, but this game actually made me do it. There's quite a bit of masochism involved in those last few levels, but finally nailing Scary Places with 141 goldfish feels really damn awesome.

Tight controls, nice sounds and simple, fitting graphics. Great game overall.
I'm proud of myself for finishing without using any walkthrough, but I'll have to be honest and say I've found out how to pass level 2 purely by accident.

David is a badass.


this is some crazy hard stuff here, i love the puzzles but i think maybe you throw in the tricky stuff a little too early for the first 3 stages.

Great game.

It was good and all, but some parts seemed downright impossible. :|

Good concept, bad bugs

The concept of the game is good. Platforming puzzles requiring reflexes as well as intelligence. Unfortunately some of the puzzles are not intuitive but that is not always a bad thing. The main problem comes with unresponsive controls. When I press the left arrow I want to go left. I don't want to stand there and I don't want to automatically keep going left.

Collecting fishes is a nice bonus for those who want to challenge themselves. If the response times get fixed the game will be good to go.

Droqen responds:

I have no idea what is causing the problems you're experiencing!

Nobody else has come to me with these issues before. Try refreshing the page, and making sure you don't have tons of stuff running in the background, and ensuring that you have the latest version of Flash player or something.

Also I'm not sure what you mean by these puzzles being intuitive or not. Please send me a message! Some things should be intuitive, but isn't the whole point of a puzzle to be something that has to be figured out?

~ edit

That is, if a puzzle is intuitive, there is no point in its existence aside from giving you a fuzzy feeling for figuring out something that took no effort to figure out.

Wiktionary defines intuitive as: "automatic, without requiring conscious thought"

To me, that basically says "not a puzzle game".


the puzzles could be very challenging at times.
also i loved to throw my harpon, jump on it, and ride it for fun.
the end of the second level was very challenging