Reviews for "FISHBANE"


Great game!
I got to the Death Beach level and.... whoa... I'm a little bit tired (my brain is lol) xD but it's not that I became bored, it's just like every game, when you play it for some time it tires you.... you know... but, that's a good game you got there =)
It's really outstanding =P ^^
That Harpoon Mastery is quite hard xP, and that's what makes your game interesting, as well as the location and the golden fish...
Good luck with your plans xP, so you can bless us with another game of yours lol =P

Good game but...

That a good game, with a calm music, tricky difficulty and simple controls.
But i don`t know why after reaching the second level the game becomes boring and i stopped playing.
Good game but for me after some time it gets boring.
i give this 4/5 and 8/10
thanks for you`r time!

Chilly Tombs

How do you get past the last part of this level I really have no idea D:
Oh btw this is an awesome game good work.

This is seriously

one of the best flash games I've seen in ages.
The controlls are simple but fun, it has hours of content,
the concept is original and the difficulty is perfect.
I wish there were more games like this :(

*By the way, does anyone know how to get the goldfish in the second last level of chilly tombs? Where you have to jump down a shaft, with the goldfish in a spiked turn?

Droqen responds:

If all goes as planned, there will be more games like this.
From me, anyway ;D

*Take some risks :)


i liked it.... but i cant get past the first level can someone tell me WTF TO DO? (dont say im dumb i just cant get it)

Droqen responds:

You could always watch the walkthrough :D

Important things to know, though:
~ You can stand on your harpoon.
~ You can change direction in mid-air.
~ You can jump :p

In case you just meant 'first quest' as in... in general?
2. Harpoon surf! Or 'ride the harpoon'.
3. You can walk through spikes; just don't land on 'em!
4. Get the golden harpoon to win.