Reviews for "FISHBANE"


Harpoon Surfer!!. XD

awesome game

I really hope there's a sequel coming!

Jesus Christ this game is hard!

you really need to chill with these hard ass levels! im freakin standing at the top of my chair screaming because i am tired of always trying to beat the same dam level over and over again! and once I make it so far to beating a level... BAM! i freakin die and have to start all over! dewd games are supposed to be fun! not ball bashing hard! I mean its ok to have challenges but not challenges were you will die a million times! im giving you 6 for all the torture of this game! but most of it is pretty fun and the graphics are great also the music is pretty awesome too! so besides the fact that i have punch myself in my balls to distract from the torture of difficulty in this game! XD

dear lord

after my rage has depleted i'm capable of writing this review...

it's been a while since i've played a hard side-scrolling game as this one on newgrounds.

i wanted to trow my computer off the window, i think my life spam lost a few years after playing this game, all there's to it is the "scary places" and am done with this bitch.....

music was awesome, just became a little bit repetitive because of the amount of plays i did after getting killed every second or so. other that that good game!

Scary Places

It took me hours to do that forsaken last level. I managed too and now I'm pretty much invincible. I could do everything in this game my eyes closed. A lot of people complain that they didn't get the goldfish reward despite getting all of them in each level. The same happened to me, but in the journal at the end, it says 5 goldfish are missing. So I suppose it's not a bug for everyone wondering. I haven't found where those damn goldfish are and I spent 2 entire nights on this, neglicting my girlfriend even my girlfriend just for this stupid game (It's actually really good in my opinion, but my hatred for it right now because of that last level has no bound). Anyways, I'll try to find those last 5 fish, if you could please respond to this to tell me where there are, I'd love it. But the author probably doesn't read this anyways so I'll keep searching for it. Good luck to anyone in my position.

Droqen responds:

Of course I read this o:
Watch the credits carefully.

Very congrats to you too!