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Reviews for "Looming"

not that great

meh kinda boring

Absolutely Beautiful

Now that was an interesting game! I loved the way it dove right into the mysterious history of the 2 very different peoples all living in this world called Looming. I also loved finding the fossils of the strange Oarbor. All together a very cool game.

(P.S. If anybody has found the second Secret medal, Please send me a message and tell me how to. I'm so confused!)

dont listen to the idiots who whine...

I have to read somthimg to understand the game, blah blah blah.

It was fun and i liked learning about the civilizations in it.

But you could add a map maybe, that would make it easier to play

Dont play it....

if your one of the people that comes to newgrounds that's illiterate. You NEED to read this game in order to get it, if you skip everything then the game wont make any sense. Crazy good story and interesting place, please don't be an asshole, READ, its worth your time.


Finally managed to beat the whole thing. Lots of running around!

Cool to see that you were, in fact, inspired by Myst. I started to draw connections between that game and yours whilst playing it.

Now, you've inspired me!