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Reviews for "Looming"


this is a very artisitic way of explaining all of the game. the hidden sign posts were my favorite by far. but the gateway too was great. i love how you used month to symbolize the 2 people chatting between each other.

graphics- 10/10 you dont need to be fancy for this game to show its true natural awesomeness :P

game play-10/10 when i played it, it played smooth and there was nothing wrong. and to a regular person, it was just a map full of dots and poles....but to an atrist with an imagination, it seem so realistic, as if you were there!

storyline- 9/10 just a bit of it got confusing if you did all 9 ways.

overall- 10/10 it was a wonderful game that had many poetic endings to it. i loved it and you should make another one like this :) dont listen to those haters either, that cant understand true inspiration and artistic values... a game doesnt need traps or challenges to be great and successful :) and this game proves that!

It wasn't that good.

The game quickly became repetetive. I understand the whole "archaeologist in a new place" theme, but you could've at least made it more exciting (traps/hazards? Other worlds/places?)Overall, It wasn't the best game I've ever played.

I didn't like it that much.

The biggest problem was when I saw the game, the flashing hurt my eyes very badly, if you make a game like this again, please put a Warning to Epileptic and weak/lazy-eyed people. The next one is that I didn't know what to do, I found a hut area, but when I walked by a message popped up and my cursor went invisible while in the flash, this means I could close that. I just thought that I should bring this up to your attention, it looks good, but those problems really affected the game and me.


I get the whole "Ooooo I'm a archeologist watch me find things to uncover a story" idea, but could it be a bit more exciting? I don't know...maybe I have a short attention span or someting :P To me this is the most tedious and boring game I have ever played in my enire life.....


I can honestly call this game "breathtaking" and mean it. Very beautiful, very atmospheric. And I must disagree with the reviewer below - while the game does get tedious every now and then when you're looking for a little speck on the ground that just doesn't want to be found, I actually think this adds to the overall flavor of the game. You're an archaeologist in a dead town, naturally you aren't going to find clues everywhere. You're trudging through the dust, looking for a needle in a haystack. Top score!