Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

Great game! however...

this game is dam fun, but maybe you should like make CHEATS.and improve the game.

oh yea, guys in custom games i got a new ship: GCA E-45 Vessel.

Multi-gunned, lots of spawns and good speed and armor. can destroy SVB light carriers!

good very well made

i know it would be a little bit of a big project but if you could make it so that you have missions that you use your ship for, just like these missions and then you can use money to build your home base which starts with only an H.Q. and th.en you get all the other building maybe even R&D just a thought, also one word CHEATS.


verry cool like how you can customize yourself


extremely good desighn and layout of maps, the music really zones me out and adds on a couple stars...good game all in all and i like the retro style. the object of the game is hidden to me, though.


just a little hard on normal and couldnt access the forum.