Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"


The game is very nice and has a lot upgrades since episode 1. I also like that you can battle other players creations, though it would be very nice to have a search option when looking for an opponent, so that you could find one of your previous or a friend's creation.
Also I think that you should be able to sell your parts that are not currently put on your shellcore, and buy parts without having to put them on yourself. There could be like a storage panel, where there would be your unused parts.

Good but flawed

First off this is a great game, game play is good, costumization is amazing, but there are some key issues as well.

The good:
The ground battles were a nice addition.

The parts list is expanded, always nice.

The build screen has the abilty to flip parts now so they fit better.

The ablity to challenge other players creations.

The restriction of parts adds a stratagy element not quite realized in ep. 1.

The bad:
The lack of exploration and story was sorely missing from this one. Don't know if this is a test for ep. 2 though.

Glitch: on several occations a enemy commander picked up an air turrent from a bunker

Glitch: on the build panel, especially with a rebuild, there are times were the build counts a part twice or not at all. Need away to clear the memory.

Return to the Ep. 1 game play format, not having the eploration was a bit of a let down

Information: In the Build screen and the Buy screen can there be a discription of what I'm buying, How quickly does this gun fire, how much does this regenerate, what weapons are on this spawn? Kinda nice to know that stuff before you buy it

Upgrades: The shell core, either by buying an upgrade or earning it, that way you can open up new slots for additional shell parts

Streamline: Another option instead of the upgrades is to have functions over lap. Right now say I have three thrusts if I want to use them I have to hunt for them. But if you put them to one screen button or one hot button it would be much easier, so now those three thrusts are one button with a three in the corner use it it goes to two etc. Also has the option of freeing slots

Effing amazing

one thing, there need to b parts that are just there to defend the core, without any critical functions to them

too addictive!!!

good job... couldn't stop playing it. the ship value limit made it irritatingly challenging

Nice work!

Nice Work! but you shoud make the missile turret stronger the enemys destroy it to fast