Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

I want to rate this higher.

Let me start off by saying that this is a great game.
I love the ability to customize your ship, I love the mix of shooter and RTS.
The game play is wonderful and fresh.

However, the way some of the game is set up is annoying or down right awful.
The ground/air units were pretty terrible in my opinion. Most ground units sat around uselessly unless another ground unit came by. And most ground units went right on by most turrets. This would be okay and require strategic placement of turrets/ground if the enemy ship didn't fly by with a siege turret blasting everything I have.
The restriction of how many ship points you can have is ridiculous. It makes the whole purpose of upgrading and doing well pointless.
I hated the menu system. Flying around was an okay idea, but the distance was too far and I couldn't use speed boosts since they needed to recharge. It was an needless annoyance.
My biggest problem is how the enemy unit can cheat so badly. I was on the fortress level, I had every outpost and was religiously taking all the energy that spawned. I could not make any headway against the enemy base. My turrets I would take over were instantly destroyed, all ground units ignored the base. Eventually the enemy ship reclaimed an outpost and somehow dragged 5 siege turrets behind it. It took back everything and destroyed my base.

This game COULD be better, it has great potential.

I see a ship!

It's horning: 'Boooooooooooooooooring!'
Wonder why >_<

prefererd the first one

shellcore just isn't the same without exploration and looting from opponents.i understand that focus of this game is the skirmish matches though, and i think you have made improvements on the skirmish combat system.more strategy s required now, especially with the introduction of ground units.however, i found dragging towers from one place to another a hassle. perhaps you should find a way to speed this process up?

i also liked the improvements made to shellcore reconfiguration.parts can now be flipped!however,if i remember correctly, in ep 1 you could add parts disjointed from the main body of your ship.in this one you cant.i think you should bring that back as it allows more customisation.the sorting of abilities was good also

A good Game

Now i really have to agree with what Edy has said but i don't believe this is a sequel/continuation to his previous game but The kindest thing i can say about the system is i hope that the sequal you make to the first one to continue the storyline will not have this type of style.
Other than complaints the system was well thought out.
@Edy ship value limit is to stop you building a death star and grinding easy missions quickly for cash i presume or to make it more challenging :x
And i did the like the ability to fight uploaded ships it added a small sense of multiplayer.
Ignore the people that say it is a rip off of battleships forever I've play both each have thier own good points but each are also different.
Only a small comment on the ground system - it was implemented well but the response seems either hate it or love it i do agree with Edy make more weapons to hit the tanks and i would think i would enjoy it more but overall i prefered the one "plane" of combat of your previous game.
one small other complaint was the recharge system of the battle ship - everytime you went to a new map you couldn't use boost's until the regenerated maybe to keep it fair or something but overall i didn't like it - it left me slow when i was flying around the "hub/shopping area" and didn't allow for quick dog fights :(
Thank you for releasing another good time waster ^_^
I hope more improvements are added aswell as the storyline on your next release >:D 9/10 5/5

Does'nt Work Wahhh T^T

Uhh hey..... theres a problem..when its loaded and i press play the game just come up because...uhh..err i dont know maybe its laggy coz of the graphics...ehh..could you help me out here..? T^T saddens me not playing the game ..
._ ." T^T ......still its a badass game when i saw it on youtube...^_^