Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"


Your ship's pieces melt away way to fast, a couple of shots and its in pieces, theres no way to recover them so you loose whatever buffs or troops they spawned, and the truly truly annoying thing is that your ship is slow and retarded when it comes to following your commands....

Clean up the responses the ship has, for gods sake give me a MANUALLY controlled weapon instead of flying about in stupid circles trying to wait for the auto attacks to take the enemies out, and above all else give me some health so that you can take more than two shots before your whole ship falls apart and crumbles. As is you get a zero for wasting my time playing this game, if you were to fix the above mentioned ones, youd get a two for copying one of the lamest game designs ever.

Greatest Flash Game I have Played

I have been on new grounds for a while and have recently made an account. I love this game I could play this for hours. It isn't like other games where you can just blast your way though you also have to have strategy. Great job!!


I´m not sure if i say something new but i´d love a part wich upgrades the number of weapons you can carry.


This game's AI has had some pretty good work put into it, makes the missions very challenging.

Starting out as a poor ship is difficult to manage with, but with time, it is possible to obtain more and more parts, even though there are pros and cons to all of them, for example, some parts give you power, yet detract from your vessel's over all agility.

Very much fun, but where's the tutorial?

Personally, I'm in conflict, because I like this type of game in general, and I can FEEL that there's something good about it, however, I can't seem to get my ship to do what I want it to half the time.

At the beginning, the game clearly enough stated that it is possible to use the number keys 1 through to 4 in order to shortcut abilities of your ship's parts, and that everything works by clicking on it. True enough, as far as interacting with the game's shops and mission HQ.

The ship itself however, is a different story; I got one of the many parts I've obtained thus far to work ONCE, outside of a mission, clicking on the parts does nothing, and neither does using the number keys when I switch parts.

I'm not denying that you've put work into this, that much is obvious, but seriously, why make most of the ship's parts so damn unpredictable?

If the controls were made clear at all times, and if they were completely responsive, the ship's abilities would be a lot more fun to exploit.

I feel like a bitter 'five' is well deserved here, bitter because I resent it.

Would have been a lot of fun. Too bad.

"I could not take my eyes off of it."

The beauty of retro + Strategic complexity + Costomization beyond my wildest gaming wishes with a hint of quantum physics = This Behemoth of a game.

Wait.... are these tears of joy or what? T ^ T