Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"


Please keep making more of these!

Great game but a glitch

If you make the beam tank follow you (clicking it and clicking on your shellcore) it can go off it platform and shoot.
Very good game.

Nice game

Some of the features I didn't know until later in the game.
1. you can drag parts from your ship onto the shop sidebar to sell arts.
2. you can drag the icons/skills into any order prefered
3. energy is needed for the ship to fire

Great improvement over EP1!

The addition of new abilities and parts added immensly to the game, while the ability to flip and rotate parts made it more fun to customize and keep a symmetric shape. The addition of ground units was cool too, but on some levels the bunkers felt useless except for unit space. Also, since people seemed to miss this, you can sell parts by putting them on your shell, then taking it to a shop and place tha parts in the inventory where you buy parts. Seems weird, but it works.


I find this game generally disappointing. I was expecting more story, not JUST outrageously challenging (for me at least) constant combat in which I don't get to overload my ship with weapons and whatnot easily =P. I get to the hard section, can't get past the first fight. Activating easy mode in the options menu does nothing. And, since when are tanks allowed to float from island to island freely? My tanks always float away from the enemy... pyramid thing... and the enemy's tanks always float towards mine (they go WEST). I need the things that add weight and value to be able to clean up my messes, but firstly, I cant - too expensive a ship for the fights; and secondly, If I can enter my ship, I go too slow to be able to stay up to speed with the enemy - I simply can't find a balance...