Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"


This game is absoulutly amazing. its more challenging than the first but that gives the player the drive to beat the missions and nilud a massive ship. 5/5 iv set this as my homepage!

Great ! 10 out of 10!

This game reminds me of Fraxy slightly, and that's a big plus!

Great Game

@Hunterruid: Obviously there is something wrong with your computer or laptop or net book or mac or whatever. Because all the parts i have are usable and i DO use them.
@Maaimachine: My ship is pretty fast and i have like 10 things on it... in case you didnt know, the ship moves one hell of alot slower with more parts on it. The reason you dont survive long is probably because you dont use the shell boost, thrust, and energy boost abilities (which, by the way, are very helpful).

Tip: If you are on a turet level and are having trouble with a boss, get a torpedo turret or whatever turret you want, tractor beam it, and circle the boss, you will shoot and so will your turret, and you dont get hit as much, thus effectivly destroying the boss.

good but could be better

it is a great game and i love to play it but i played the first one first(makes sense:P) and there are a lot of changes i find like the peaces just being destroyed so easily can be very annoying, as well as the price for even the basic parts makes it hard to really improve your shellcore.

so the improvements i would like to see is make the parts more durable and cheaper at the store but besides that awesome game keep up the good work :D

Love this game.

@Maaimachine - "You ship's pieces melt away too fast." 1: ur letting the core be hit too much. put more stuff around it. -or- 2: you just fail and don't heal ur ships shell.
I've also never fought their last bunker myself. I've always dragged about 2 or 3 guys with me. Then I would go get energy orbs which my harvesters were not collecting (harvesters at one rock while I collect another rock. usually the one near the boss) I also have troops guarding the collectors.

This is a wonderful game. Worthy of 15/10 7.5/5