Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"

i love it

that was exallent. the song was great(reminds me of tim burton movies and gwars skullheadface). the art is awsome right down to the little details, the main character was great, i love the sinister mad scientist aspect cant wait to see more

I am both scared and entertained.

Very good and I hope you can get back to Apocalypse Please soon, it has the potential to be an awesome series.

Also, love the song.

Who is the man with the mechanical bomb?

Tin toy packed with 100 pounds of nitro
Let's go blow up a roller skatin disco
Jolt cola and pop rocks are gettin me high

God, I could listen to Dr. Steel all day long and never get bored.

creepy !!!

whoa DUUUDE this is AWESOOMEEE!!!

Toy Soldiers Unite!

I am astounded that this was uploaded. I was beginning to feel like one of very few followers of Dr. Steel. This song is his explanation of how he was thrown into a mental institution for burning down the toy company that fired him, and I think this animation does a very good job of illustrating this. the quality of animation could improve, but it is still nice.

Five-Iron: I dont know if you know of Steel's vision or his Army, but if not I recommend that you and everyone who reads this go to his site, doctorsteel .com, read his manifesto, and join his Army of Toy Soldiers. Toy Soldiers Unite! *Dr. Steel Salute*

Note: I am not violating Newgrounds regulations by mentioning Steel's site. I am simply suggesting that people look at it, and the rules say not to promote UNRELATED sites; Steel's site is related to his music.