Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"


I've got to say, that was pretty damn cool. The animation isn't perfect and completely uniform, but it gives it character, and I like that. The music was very interesting too.

My only real complaint about the video was the mixing of the sound--it seemed very 'shallow'. I couldn't hear all of the vocals, most of the time, even with good headphones on. Hence the 8. Otherwise, it was very well-done.

Great job!

subtitles would be nice its hard to understand sometimes. Otherwise awesome job on everything! I liked the animation and dark story alot!

holy crap!

That's incredible! I especially liked the part where the old-timey music with break-beat comes in...actually there are ALOT of parts in this that I especially like.

in my opinion, anything less than 3/5 is proof of idiocy.