Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"

Fix the sound.

It's being said; but it bears repeating. Fix the sound. Then it will be epic.

Have to agree Death crunch

Mix the sound better and you have something...i had to strain to hear what was bieng said.

Another Step Towards a Utopian Playland

Toy Soldiers ... UNITE!

Could have been so much better

Animation scored you four points and you would have gotten a solid 8 from me. Maybe even a nine.

Would have, but the audio was abysmally handled. The backtrack was great, lyrics were sufficiently grim/lol. Even the singing was very metal.
But the singing could have done to have been twice the volume. The crap sound quality I could have lived with but straining to hear what was being said is no fun.

hen the retro tune kicks in twice the volume of anything else that was played, which hurts after all the straining.

Yellow Jacket status indeed brother.

Toy Soldiers Unite! Much love for this artist and his source material from Artorius Pendragon (aka Doctor Skullboy).