Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"

definitely had potential

a couple improvements i would suggest:

improve audio, it was difficult to make out the words, which i feel are an important component of this flash

clean up some of the animation, some of the perspectives seemed a little sloppy. you might want to consider going back and cleaning it up a little bit or re drawing some of the scenes.

other than that, great song and some really good ideas. with some minor corrections this would definitely would be a 10/10 animation

Pretty cool.

Yeah that was amazing man. The animation and the music were easy to understand... for me anyway. I really liked the sinister feel to it.. quite an elegant feeling it is. Good fun/work if you wanna call it that.

tuuu tuu tuuuuuuuu tuuu tuuu tuuuuuuuu(8)

i liked the background music it sounded sinister :]

Great Idea

It was really good, but the voice was a bit hard to heard over the music.

Seemed decent

I usually like musical things like this, loved the darkness factor to it, the fucking sniper part/helicopter part scared the shit out of me cause i had my volume up to hear what they guy was saying, thats the only reason I didnt score higher, I really couldnt understand what all he was saying