Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"

Very Nicely Done!

Excellent work man!
Be Proud!

Almost perfect

The songs made me remember of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album :3
I had quite a hard time to understand everything, and had to replay the whole thing. But it's still quite good. Getting voices a bit louder wouldn't be a waste of time.
Overall, good animation, especially the fire scene. But there are some brutal transitions between smooth and crude animation...
However, keep going, you have what it takes to create awesome things :)

(P.S. : English isn't my native language...)

Yeap. Audio.

Fix the audio and then you'll get yourself nothing butt 10's.

Can barely hear him over the music

:x Fix the vocal sound level please.


I approve and I'm fairly certain Dr. Steel would help you build his utopian playland.

That being said, to the other reviewers, there is no fixing of the sound to be done. That is how the song is recorded and intended to be.