Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"


this is very dark, i love it! the song is catchy, the animation is great. if you dont like it, you need to go shove your head back up your ass. this is great. and it deserves higher than a average score of 8.8 it deserves a 10!!!!

It was ok

you really must do some thing about your audio. The music was not at the same level as your recorded voice. If you have any audio editing software I would fix the gain and normalize the voice with the music audio so you don't have bouncing levels. Also I agree that you need a better recording device, you are loosing too much quality. The animation was in need of a little bit of work. Your character was loosing design through out the animation. (different body types and the face changed slightly as well.) the story and music written was really cool though. I hope this was helpful


Good job on making this video. The animation was good and you chose an excellent song to do it to. Keep it up, and I hope the next one you do is still Dr. Steel.

i like it

the flash and especially the charactr are really good and id like to see a second one. but if you make a second one try to balance the music and voice better.


umm, if you cant hear this then you are fucking deaf..
made perfect sense to me and heard everything.

Stop bitching.