Reviews for "Zero Level"

Unbelivably cool!

!!! This review is necessarily useless, because I love this track, and I can not think of how it could be better - I'll be checking out the other stuff of yours I haven't heard yet.

sounds like braaaaaawwwooooorrroooooooawoooooo lol

lol you are really a kewl guy i admire how you write a authors response on everyones comment very cool and this song is really sexy lol

Syntrus responds:

Damn straight this song is sexy i rmxed its not as good. But thx for the review!

Real smooth

Gotta love that filtering on that warbly bass thing. Love how everything flows in here, its got a real smooth "put your sunglasses on and chill" feel. Lead melodies are real nice, beat is nothing amazing but fits the song well.

I think some EQing could make some sounds sharper in here, and I believe the drums should be brought out a little more, a bit of more boom in the bass and possibly some slight 'verb on the clap.

No real flaws in here, great cathcy track you got here syntrus.

Syntrus responds:

Thx for stopping by!

really sleak

Its really fucking awesome for dance

Syntrus responds:

I'm glad you noticed how "sleak" this song is. The song was supposed to sound new it was the second song I made with a bass warble and it has that sort of icey bass sound ppl like I'm glad you like it!


Downloaded this one awhile back, Its on my ipod on my car trip playlist (keeps me from going to fast on the highway). Nicely Done.

Syntrus responds:

Dude I love saving lives! I met George Takei today!