Reviews for "Zero Level"

I like it...

I actually liked this. I didn't think it was worthy of a 5, just cuz I didn't think much audio was. this was tho.. good job.

Syntrus responds:

THX MEMO i'll hit u back

I agree

This would be good for a menu, or maybe some instruction pages. Its nicely hypnotic. The chord progression is delicious and I love your choice of synths, nice effect on that bass, some kind of phaser is it?
My only complaint, the hi-hat sounds too familiar, it took the attention away from your delicious synth harmonies.
Anyway, great song!

Syntrus responds:

Agreed i had a sore throat when i made it so some things worked some didn't

zero level

yes, it would be good for a game menu!
the drums arnt good for subs though.

Syntrus responds:

but the base is