Reviews for "Zero Level"

best i have hard be sides goriilz

gorliz may be my favot band but this is my 2end favot thing on hrere 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like it

Syntrus responds:

I like the gorrilaz too they have a pretty cool sound.

This is stanky late night sh#@!

Good gummi-berri king stuff! I'm a pogoin'

Syntrus responds:

Yah me too my gummi bear is all pogoish. I'm going to level with you I have no idea what that means. But thx for the positivity.

OMFG This The best Music ON NG At The Moment?

Respect Man - this Beats The Newgrounds Rumble Music And Othet Flash Artists

Your Tieing With TT - In Your Face

Hope To See MORE AND EVEN BETTER MUSIC (In A Good Way) In The Futre

Syntrus responds:

it was pretty good now i'm all washed up.


DAMN!!! if u got tom fulp to put this as the song on the main menu you must really be a good DJ songmixer =D

Syntrus responds:

Thx dude i'm glad you liked it

this stuff is great!

"Zero Level" Is the best!

Syntrus responds:

Wow thx to be honest when I made this track I was only experimenting. I'm so glad how it turned out 8 )