Reviews for "Zero Level"

sub loves it :)

Hi Syntrus

Ok First off I gotta say, I streamed this first, then I read your description. I was intrigued to test your claim "a subwoofers best friend"

Yup more than true, my sub absolutely freaking loved it, I can feel...erm... I mean Hear...Hear/Feel it now.

It's a pumping tune, I just saved this review for after the download.

Yeah great piece, I love it, I'm more than happy with this for inclusion.

Keep 'em coming man!

5/5 and a download too :)

Peace Out!


Syntrus responds:

heh thx man

Good background music.

Yes, I can definately see this in the menu of a shooting or sci-fi game. If I were a falsh artist I'd use it...too bad I can't do flash worth crap huh?

Very easy to listen to.

Syntrus responds:

this was used in one flash i thought it was pretty neat thx for the review

This would be a good menu song.

I liked it. It was short, but sweet. It was the kind of music you zone out to.

Syntrus responds:

thx man


You make some pretty sweet dance beats. This shit is cool, you rock!

Syntrus responds:

years back i took a tutorial at a website i'll pm u the site doode

Lots of possibilities

I though you did a great job on this - something about it sounds a bit Lo-Fi.

Would make a great tune for a game menu or intro.

I'm voting 4 on this

- why not 5 you ask? OK.. here goes -
in a word : timbres

Re-assign your drums - use a few nontraditional sounds - the bass and melody were fine but they sounded a little like presets - they were missing something - maybe a few basic effects - a tiny bit of reverb goes a long way - that's about it

Syntrus responds:

sry about the drum reverb its just that my early work was always judged kinda harshly and i got scared to use Reverbed anything!