Reviews for "Zero Level"


...nothing more

Syntrus responds:

COol inDeEd I'm still a lil shocked (0_o)

nice one!

this kicks ass.. thats a lot comin from a guy like me who primarily listens to hip-hop and r&b so yah.. make moar like dis


Syntrus responds:

I'll try to make more like this one for sure.


Wow This Was Awesome man i really enjoyed it

Syntrus responds:

Thank you for your review Glad you liked it : )

Pretty kool

nice job dude keep up the good work

Syntrus responds:

Thank you I really like how this has been recieved

all righty

this song reminds me of going to chinook on a c-train haha i wonder why?...

Syntrus responds:

for those of you who stalk my reviews this guys my buddy he made my music video its up on my myspace www.myspace.com/djsyntrus