Reviews for "Zero Level"


see i like songs like this and if you keep up the good work this and all your other submissions will never get blammed

Syntrus responds:

good call

Just amazing!

You have a lot of talent.

Can you please please please please please please please do an extended version of this song? 1:37 is too short for such a great piece.

I'm going to be paying attention to all your new releases.

Syntrus responds:

YOu know what I will see what I can do.

that was mad

awesome song to just chill to

Syntrus responds:

Thats why I made it. I think.

love it

put it in a flash clip it goes well with dat madness day shorts but put it in a potent movie please. so as everything going mad shooting and that and this song playing people will think of madness day!!!hhhhhhhooooooooyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaa aaaaaaaa

Syntrus responds:

Yes it is very minimalist/ bass nectar esque I could see it being used in many a madness flash.

great song

it's a great song and ive listened to it a few times alredy, keep it up

Syntrus responds:

Thank you.