Reviews for "Zero Level"

Weird, but good.

Sounded like something you would hear from an outer space type of game. Anyways, the beats and rhythms were good. That repetitive note, sorry to say, got annoying. I think you could of added more sounds instead or putting that note in most of the song. I could think of this as being good for a menu screen. You're right about that. Nice work Syntrus! :D

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Hell yah

This song is soooo cool. Im even gunna use it in a school project for tech ed.. it is in my game 2 -{Sprite Music}-

Syntrus responds:

welll feel free then

Nicely done

You were right :P it is a sub woofers best friend. cocaine is one hell of a drug yo!

Syntrus responds:

Indeed it is.


dis is pomp son

Syntrus responds:

As is the foxx man


its too short and little boring

Syntrus responds:

You should be president of the we ssort of hate syntrus crew a long with seamonkey as the vp