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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Caution! Flying knights!

I loved the concept! Very original!

But I think you could push the idea even a bit further, because the princess was a bit useless here. What about some pick-up the princess and feed her to the monster? Or activate some evil mechanism to kill the princess and get swallowed by the monster?

Otherwise the puzzles were ok, not too difficult but still interesting. The last levels with switches were cool but a bit confusing.

Not bad, didn't save the princess

Intersting concept, it gets a little boring but the idea is nice as the puzzles are difficult


really great concept but litle low graph.


Great game, fun, and not too short. One thing I didn't like was that the knight could walk over empty spaces...maybe something too look at if you plan on making a sequel. Otherwise good job, some of the hardest puzzles were completed in the most obvious ways, heheh.

It's not impossible

It's enjoyable and is a great puzzle game and obviously NOT impossible. If you think about your strategies it's kinda easy. I'd say 8/10