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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Easiest level ever

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So basicaly...

If the knight fails at saving her you win...
but if he fails in any other way than being fed to the dragon you lose...
It's pretty boring and doesn't make much sense. There's no way the knight CAN save the princess so what's the point in shooting him all over the place?
Graphics are meh.
Gameplay is meh
It's a meh game.

Wow! poor princess.

I've played many puzzle games but none like this.Many levels make you think outside the box which makes this game unique.Not many games are like that so that so this game stands out above the others.

By the way(and no I don't say BTW if you're wondering so hah!)here's my level code,don't think it will work because others don't but knows. :)

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Good game, but quite easy.

Annoyed me

I wanted to like this game but I couldn't. Between the annoying bug chirping background music and the irritating way of not telling me things I couldn't take it. You failed to explain that the apparent bridge platforms can be passed through from above, and left me guessing as to why you included the green flashing blocks until all the way to level 19. From my point of view you simply should have made every green block solid gray up to that point, as the only difference was that the green ones irritated me and made me wonder if I was missing some information. The lack of music bugged me for some reason, most likely because I don't enjoy bug noises while I try and think. Something to think about, though maybe you just caught me on a bad day.