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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Good twist

I actually really liked this game. It's a nice twist on "saving the princess games". It's a fun game and a nice little challenge. Good job!

It's fun but kinda short...

Made a level just for the fun of it:


Awesome game!

While I agree with everyone else that these games are seen all too often and it really isn't anything new, but I've always loved these games, they're easy and challenging to me at the same time. Beat the game, though it took me a little while...

Here's my level code

fE041334eaDE5bD74B47223eDDE6beC7D4Bf1 686eNo9jbsOwjAMRWPHKwtJLXWr+BMkRib4gk pEVUXp0JaBrw/X6eNKkZ2TEzu6W9/1SzsMv+a RPu28pCm9Knf9zks/Npd7303tpXm+Uxrnyjl3 cms8Dm+9Vdl6Fzjs4chxjd28FOgjewRQDjFUZ lJcfUwgeFSJSMZhASRVD1FKdlNUy29WzKNtHS t+E57UqC0zz0QrNifmDC8XKIaYNEoOoDXeC8N hhRTqdY+x0iiYmbhQYYXGjVnoqGcrf49mKP8=

Good game

The Concept is superb. I should say that.

Moving on. I felt a lot of the puzzles were difficult. I'd sit here for 10 minutes trying to figure out some of the puzzles. I stopped playing at level 23 (so close to the end!) because of time problems.

In any case. The game is simple, it's fun, it's challenging, and the puzzles are very imaginative.

I like the style of drawing as well. Again, simple but it does the job.

I think one of my problems with the game is that it doesn't tell you which is what. It took me forever to figure out that the red blocks won't kill me.

Good game, nothing ground-breaking but worthy. 4/5


Seriously. Why there is people who wants puzzle levels WITHOUT puzzle?

The main oibjective of the game is to force the player to think in a way to get the damn pothead into the green eyed blob. And there is NO impossible levels (Actually only one of then is quite hard, but nothing thinking out of the box can't cut).

I am reviewing only after beating the game, so I can say it. (If someone wants the solutions, I could give it, not here). LVL 19 is easy, since you discover that RED BLOCKS aren't solid, unless you hit the red button (Inverse of the green ones).

So the negative points (for a puzzle of course) is the very simplicity of design, what means "no challenge", but not at all. The harder, the best. It is not an allusion to pixel-hunting, nonsense solutions or lucky-dependant games.