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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Love it

Definitively a keeper

Cool game

try this level in custom level just copy and paste

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I liked It

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Found a work-around. [+Walkthrough]

Glitch: If you beat level 23, even if level 24 is still locked, if you click next you will move on to level 24. Other than that i found nothing else wrong.

Review: Very fun puzzle game, I got stuck on two levels but finally solved them. :P

Walkthrough for people who are having a hard time: http://walkthrough.escapegames24 .com/2010/03/dont-save-princess.html

Pretty fun

Shame you can't save the princess but funny you have to feed yourself to the monster. I completed all the Levels. They're so easy.

In that case, try this challenge: e18dd501A1690ab8F320973258Bc24C06Ed2c c94eNqTZ/DIL1coyVdITy1RKMlILUpVyMxTSF QozsgvKlEoT6zkYHDMSUktyk0sEmVgYOAFYlY 0zATELAxQ8B87YIBBYSgtBBQUBsL/YPwfwUJR BWahAIQOZFVQiFAjiqTu/3+G/1hUikChGJz1/