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Reviews for "(Don't) Save the Princess"

Funny idea :D Easiest level of the game:

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The very last level was one of the easiest ones, you only had to use 4 blocks =\ Pretty big let down.

Fun, helped me to feel smart!

Good game, simple put playfully entertaining. The level of difficult was just right for providing me a challenge, but rewarding me after just a few sessions of trial-and-error per level. There was one level, 22, in which the solution I came up with had a strange flaw. When the knight flew into the sparkles above a block pointing up, instead of turning up, like he'd done at the exact same block just a second earlier, he instead flies right past it?! I was pleased that it allowed me to solve the puzzle, but it had me scratching my head about how exactly the rules worked. I agree with other reviewers, that some instructions would make this just a little bit clearer. Otherwise a clever game, well animated, and to my liking! Keep up the good work!

Hey, Found a glitch.

On stage 22 if i just let my guy walk straight forward he walks over the bridge, then he walks over the air where no bridge is and straight into the red button. If this isn't a glitch and this is how it's intended sorry for wasting your time.
But overall up till then the games been great good mind teaser. Good Job.

Brain drain

Awesome game, interesting concept of not saving the princess LOL..

puzzle game is not my style but good luck to the rest out there