Reviews for "Loondon"

Love the art and story.

Really cool! Would be nce if there was a bit more to the story.

An interesting interactive story...

First off, good story.
Secondly, really nice art.
Thirdly, nice music.
I like the interactive story model for the most part. Although it could've been just a little more interactive or had some more puzzles to it. I also agree with the reviewer below that gave it a 7, in that at times the rhymes seemed a bit stretched. Other than that,
A solid piece of art,
with soul and heart.

i like it

a good story


an outstanding story, wonderful poetry, and an excellent lesson as well. i do not undertand why some people think this was horrible. the point was to show that sacrafice for someone else is the most wonderful thing to do for that person and to show how much u care about your dearest friends.

Total letdown.

The author models the story to that of Jesus' sacrifice. I was hoping for, you know, a story that was actually meaningful.