Reviews for "Loondon"


i love this game!

Nice Game

More of an interactive story than a game, but still nicely done all the same.

Don't know if anyone else mentioned it, but you have a few jagged images in there, this is caused by rotating or resizing images in flash. If you have flash CS3 or above, you can fix this by ticking the "allow smoothing" box in the image properties.

Good luck on the next game.


I like the story... really good.
I like the art....Very well done
The game-play? Shit
You should have made this into a flash movie or something man because a point-and-click where it tells you EXACTLY where to click shouldn't be classified as a game (keep in mind I am rating this on game play as it is a game)

Simply Amazing

I very much enjoyed watching this, the machine part threw me for but a moment until i noticed the pattern ^.^

As for spelling, I see nothing wrong with it if you were trying to go for an old style Of speaking. I was able to follow the story and enjoy it very well, please keep up the wonderful work I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Fair thee well stranger

Great concept and all.

Towards the end however it was severely needing a spell check, it really took from the story. Unless of course its supposed to be Loondon, not London. Even so you said beware in place of aware which threw me off. But as I said, the spelling is the only thing that took from the story at all.