Reviews for "Loondon"


The story, the art, the music. Everything works in perfect harmony and the story is quite touching. It saddens me to say that I'm still trying to find a meaning behind this amazing piece of art but I will find it.


thats a sad but very well put story if this was a book i would read it but it was amazing as a video game its one of those where you feel like crying but at the same time your mad cause that explains what reality is . it bitter but you can make it nice but all he wanted washappines but what he found.... well any way good game 10/10


Remarkable storyline, great 3D graphics, very awesome. It wasn't much of a game, but it still worked for me. Very nice music, too. Only few people can make such a beautifully sad tale come to life. And you have. Excellent work. Good job.


I loved the storyline of this game! And the symbolism of the apple...I see what you did there. :D

The thing that creeped me out was the figure in the background of the city scene and cathedral scene...hmmm....Sequel?


A beautiful game! Well done art and music. And the story is the perfect example of humanity at its core.