Reviews for "Loondon"


Its an intersting game..the graphics were eyecatching..n its 3D effect was a nice touch which made every scene a splendor 2 take in..gameplay was simple as its a story based adventure game..loved 2 story...in short a genuine game..simple and easy game play but the highlight is the art..more of an artsy game..kudos

Very unfortunate.

First off, I'd like to say how amazing the art style and animations are, both inspired and fluid despite the game running quite slow on my three year old laptop, the artwork truly is in a league of it's own.

But, unfortunately, the whole concept fails horridly as a game. The puzzles neither hold up as challenging or intuitive, they get in the way of a beautifully crafted fable and only serve as a tool for frustration between scenes, which may cause players to simply leave the story incomplete and miss some of the best artwork I have seen in a flash game since Samorost (of which I'm sure some inspiration was built on).

The music is very repetitive, which can get a little irritating after a while, and the lack of other sounds in the game (such as gun shots, wolf howls, background ambience in the city scenes, or even footsteps) really is disappointing as this would give your game players a deeper feeling of immersion and further add to the atmosphere of your surreal world.

The story would be enchanting as pure animation rather than a droll stab at a point and click game; perhaps narrated by a professional voice actor, and while an actor may cost your team some money to hire the results would be magical if the right voice and narrative were applied correctly.

In spite of all the faults, I thoroughly feel your artist/s deserve the highest praises, they have done a fantastic job. Simply stunning artwork.

Beautiful artwork

I must say the artwork in this game is fantastic. Yes i do agree the gameplay is quite easy but i still really enjoyed it. Two thumbs up


Normally I am too lazy to write a review, but there is something so special about this game that I feel just impossible to ignore. I will not be elaborating on the storyline or the gameplay. However, the artstyle, it is simply astonishing. Not the 3D-looking characters, but the background, the circus, the city, the machinery, seems to be pulled out right from Professor Layton! With some of the other scenes like the forest and underground tunnel looking like the "twisted" version of the drawing style! The art, looking so cartoonish, yet at the same time, so strikingly realistic. The lines, the choice of colors, the shadings, the art style speak for themselves, and combined with the music, convey the theme perfectly. Flabbergasted, was I, at the art style's striking resemblance to Professor Layton's. Keep it Up, definitely want to see more in the future.


ottime scelte su tutti i fronti! compimenti..raramente si trovano giochi così belli..vien voglia di vedere un seguito..