Reviews for "Loondon"

I liked it

"game play" was a little lacking, but the story and artwork kept me playing.


why didnĀ“t u make this one as a movie?
the art is really good :D, but I thing it sucks as a game

Very Good,but ...

Very good point and click adventure with a good story, but i think its way to easy. U only have to solve one puzzle,(which is mostly obvious) to continue. Moreover there is a direkt hint in each scene, so there is not much of a challenge.
Anyway :D its a great game with some missing parts

it pictures the world perfectly

to all the other people watching, its obvious that loondon represents mankinds nature to be cruel to those different from them, and just how much kindness is spent every day to spare those who relish in evil... and for what you may say? for what? for the one person amongst them that actually shows that even in their darkness there are those that hold light.. this is a magnificent telling of how people can overcome their basic animal instincts of pleasure-seeking and sacrifice themselves for others, so that one day perhaps mankind may realise its errors... before its too late.... to all you atheists out there dont even start. because this metaphor can relate to mans errors on a basic level. wars, pollution, crime, corruption... it has to stop, or we will litterally kill ourselves... we wont need fire from he sky.


One of the best flash games I've ever played. Good story, beautiful art and music!