Reviews for "Loondon"


Nothing really i liked about it. A bit boring.


More of an interactive story book than a game.

But that's nto a bad thing at all.

I'm not a flash animator and can only appreciate the animation for what it is.

An animation and a story.

Visually it was enjoyable and had a cool rustic feel to it.

The story itself was good and a little heartbreaking. But it most definitely had a lot of life to it and it felt like you put alot into your character.

As a reader and a writer, I enjoyed it. I wouldn't push the rhymes too hard though, I felt like you did and it came out a little confusing on the other end because some of the parts seemed more freeverse than a structured poem. Either way, I enjoyed it.

Keep it up, it's nice to see a cohesive storyline.


pretty stupid i would have let london burn have there life the did no good burning people alive hangings he didnt live his so called friend didnt help london should have burn


the game looked really cool, and i liked how eerie it was, but it was boring. maybe if you had more gameplay elements.

One of the Best I have Seen.

This was great. Just too great to speak of. The music, was suspensful, and went along with the story. The gameplay, not really gameplay at all, but more of a telling of a story. The artwork, the 3D characters (even if they really were three-dimensional) were pheonomenal, and the backgrounds were true art (The artwork did in fact remind me of Psychonauts); and the story. The story was sad, true, but had such an ending.

I really enjoyed this game, and I hope others did too. This beautiful piece of real artwork deserves 10 out of 10 stars.