Reviews for "Loondon"

its a sad, but true way of life

this sorrow of this peice can not be explained in mere words, to sacrfice own life for a freinds... it was really great made

Love it

Nice music and poor feller did not need to die he shod have just stad at that carnaval with his friends :(


Great gameplay, a little short, but a gread game. Too bad Jonah had to die.

i liked it

the story and art were great, and as for the gameplay, well...
here's the thing, and interactive story, in my opinion, still counts as a game. despite what others have said, the fact is that another interactive story game has come out recently, and a damned good one at that: Heavy Rain. therefor, point and click like this is completely legitimate. it's not the bes game ever, and there was only a few instances that may have been bad grammer (lest they were old english) and those instances were few. 9

Illuminati much?

What's with all the eyeballs and triangles? I'm glad you think adding symbols of an organization responsible for the decline of civilization is cool. good graphics tho. Sad to see a talent go down the drain.