Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"


Not a really good game, the gameplay is just lame.
And the music too :P. Can't understand all the 10's here... whats the point of this game anyways?

Crapquel to Little Wheel

The artistry is great, the sounds are funny, the puzzles (what there are) seem good, but this game fails so miserably from what Little Wheel accomplished is that you didn't feel like you were just clicking a "Next" or "Continue" button on a flash movie. Though simple, your Little Wheel project offered options and moving around independent of the story - the player was in control and WAS Little Wheel. Here, the player is an observer. Better luck with future projects.

Stupid puzzles, great art

I'm sorry, this game should not be receiving tens. Whats with the Newgrounds community and giving everything tens? The puzzles are not only super easy, but require very little effort or thinking. The art is amazing, of course, but doesn't make up for the lame game play. Grow some balls Newgrounders.

a realy good game

it had vary good graphics and good easy game play .

very original

Simply an amazing game, though I do agree its a bit easy.