Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"


good but to easy, if you make another one, make it harder, or with the option to change the difficulty.

i am on level 14 without walktrough

fanastic game

Got to level 15 without walkthrough

Love it so far, fast and fun!!


This is a pretty good little game, the concept and gameplay alright but the fact that its funny more than makes it up for me. Lol how the people look like that shoop da woop thing with the big red lips.

Beautiful, but simplistic.

Was a big fan of little wheel, so I had high expectations coming in. AndI have to say, while the character design is a little disturbing, what really bothers me about this game is the fact that for some reason every single click is highlighted for you. It actually makes me wonder why there's a walkthrough button when it's been basically integrated into the main game. Frankly, it's not quite as fun without having to do at least a little guess work. There's always a sense of accomplishment when you manage to figure out some hard puzzle or pixel hunt. This... well, it's more a sense that one has an understanding of basic shapes.

While the puzzles may not suceed though, the rest of the game does. The art, while admittedly toeing the line of what may consider to be racially sensitive, is unique and charmingly simple. The music is good and appropriate, and overall the experience is whimsical without being completely nonsensical, as often happens in these kinds of projects.

So, in short, mediocre game, but very nice interactive painting. I'd welcome another one of either in the future.